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Make MORE Impact On The Dogs We love, Generate A Reliable Passive Income & Free Up Your Time - WHILST Building A Life & Business You LOVE!
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Here's EXACTLY What You'll Learn...

How To Create A Course Your Owners HAVE To Buy!  Especially if you have limited time available...
How To Launch It Like A Pro (NOT a Dog Trainer!). Become A Master Marketer With Just 1 Simple Tweak...
How To Turn Your Course Into A Passive Income Machine! Reliable Income LET'S GO!

PROTECTION: You Get To AVOID These Mistakes Every New Course Creator Makes...

A) Why The Curse Of The Noah's Ark Myth is Going To SABOTAGE Your Passive Income Dreams... 
(and how to stop it DEAD) 

B) How Paying For FB Ads WITHOUT this tweak - Is Losing You Money...  
(A 25K lesson!)

C) Choose The RIGHT Passive Income BluePrint Fit For YOUR Business Stage...
 (To guarantee you win!) 

In Short, Learn from A Fellow Trainer, Dog Geek & Business Coach EXACTLY How I Built My Business Empire, From The Comfort Of My Home Office - Whilst Raising My Son! 

Meet Christina
After more than 20 years in the industry - doing exactly what you do working with pet dog owners, I have been able to create an Online Academy which generates reliable passive income  CONSISTENTLY even though I take 4 months of the year OFF! 

With over 4K Students, and  three Membership Sites with a £997, £450 and £37 per month price tag I have this Passive Income game NAILED and I'm going to show you how to do it!
If You Train Dogs And Feel Drawn To Reach MORE Families, This Training Is Going To Save Time Change Your Life
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